TN Department of Mental Health and Substance Abuse Services
Faith Based Recovery Network
Dr. Monty Burks, PhD
Director of Faith Based Initiatives
Division of Substance Abuse Services

The TN Association or Alcohol, Drug and other Addiction Services has a vast selection of literature available to order or download at little or no cost.

TAADAS Clearinghouse is the state repository and dissemination center for free alcohol, drug, problem gambling, and other addiction prevention and treatment literature. Free literature may be ordered via our website at The Clearinghouse also serves as the statewide referral source for any person who calls seeking assistance and/or resources on any of these topics. Besides information dissemination, the Clearinghouse serves the public with a lending library, which includes research text and data, statistics, videotapes, Internet access and vertical files. Through the years, professionals, businesses, family members, students, and countless others have become accustomed to the reliability of the Clearinghouse services. Numerous pieces of literature and videotapes have been distributed to churches, state and local agencies, jails, prisons, community centers, prevention programs, treatment centers, schools, and universities. Services can be accessed by phone, e-mail, fax, in person at the Clearinghouse office, exhibits, health fairs, Internet website, or other outreach activity. The Clearinghouse is one of the most unique in the United States. All issues of substance abuse and addictions are combined in our information service delivery. (i.e. violence, law enforcement, HIV/AIDS, etc.) Although our main thrust is substance abuse and problem gambling information, we offer a continuum of information and referrals on prevention, intervention, mental health, family issues, wellness and health for the total person.

Please explore at

After you open the link, scroll down and pick on "Search Publications".

If you don't see a topic for what you are looking for, enter a word in the SEARCH box. For example, type in the word children or any other word related to your search. After the screen refreshes, scroll on down to see what all comes up.

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