Laserfiche Help

Laserfiche FAQ

Blount County IT recently began using a new document management system, called Laserfiche, to make sure that your files can be more efficiently sorted and stored. The current list of departments that Laserfiche will be implemented in includes: County Clerk, Veteran Affairs, Register of Deeds, Environmental, Records, Human Resources, Circuit Court, Elections. Here are some frequently asked questions and solutions.

Q: What is Laserfiche?
         A: Laserfiche is a “digital filing cabinet” that your department will store files in, so instead of having to physically search through papers you can easily find whatever you need!

Q: How do I login?
        A: To access the Weblink, go to http://bcchwas007/Laserfiche in your browser. You will be taken to the Blount County portal to login, which will have the same credentials as your Windows login.

Q: My windows password expired/I changed it, will Laserfiche automatically sync?
A: Yes, but it may take up to 30 minutes. If you have issues after this period then call IT.

Q: How are documents organized?
A: Each department will see their folder, and within the departmental folder will be sorted further depending on how that department is set up.

Q: I can’t see my department folder, what do I do?
A: Please contact IT so we can check your permissions.

Q: Where should I scan my files to?
        A: Depending on your department, you may have an import folder where your documents will automatically be sorted, or you may have to manually choose the destination. If you’re not sure, ask your department head how you should scan and sort your documents.

Q: What files are available to the public and how are they accessed?
        A: There are only two types of files available to the public: Commission Candidate Financial Disclosures (Elections) and Maps (Register of Deeds).
Here is where you can find the public files:
1. Blount County Website > Government > Election Commission > Candidates > Financial Disclosures
2. Blount County Website > Register of Deeds > Browse Maps (bottom right corner)

Q: I’m trying to access one of the public weblinks and it says “access denied.”
        A: Clear your cache and try again. If you continue having issues please contact IT.

Q: How can I find a document after it has been scanned in?
        A: Search by file name or details (name, id number, tags, etc.) or advanced search to filter. You will not see folders that you were not given access to.

Q: My files are missing!
        A: Sometimes, files are saved locally by the user without the user noticing, so you’ll likely have to click on the file, click “Scan” and re-enter it.

Q: My Laserfiche is freezing/running extremely slow.
        A: This may happen temporarily in high-traffic times; someone scanning in a 500 page document may cause slow down during production hours. If this continues for more than a day, please contact IT.

Q: Do I have to get a new scanner?
        A: Most printers work, but HP scanners are known to have issues with scanning directly into a folder. Consult with your department head or IT to make a decision if you are having issues scanning.

Q: A document says it is locked, how can I unlock it?
        A: If a document is locked, there may be someone else editing it, so you will have to wait.

Q: Is there somewhere I can look for Laserfiche help?
        A: There is a folder that should be available to all Laserfiche users called Z-Help, which will contain information on other common Laserfiche issues.