Business License

Where do I get a Business License in Blount County ?  

The Blount County, TN County Clerk provides an application for a Business license on the County Clerk's Online Services webpage. 

Business License Requirements 
A business license is needed for any business with a physical location in the county whose gross annual receipts are $3,000 or more; anything under $3,000 is exempt. If the gross receipts are $3,000 to $9,999, the business can choose to get either a minimal activity license or a standard businesses license.  Businesses whose gross receipts are $10,000 or more annually must get the standard business license. Businesses having a standard license must also file and pay business tax to the Tennessee Department of Revenue each year.

To Apply for a Business License in Blount County, TN an application may be completed in the Blount County Clerk's Online Services site.

Business License Exceptions

Contractors having $50,000 in gross annual receipts in any county or city must obtain a license for that city or county and remit tax to the Department of Revenue for each of these cities and counties. 


Taxpayers who extend operations into other counties or cities without establishing an office, headquarters or other place of business, generally do not have to register in such counties. 
Mobile businesses, such as food trucks, appliance repair companies, etc., report all their gross receipts back to their permanent location and pay taxes through that location as well. They obviously must hold a business license for that permanent location in the other county.

Out-of-State Business Licenses

Any business generating $10,000 or more gross receipts in any county in Tennessee must pay tax to the Tennessee Department of Revenue on the gross income. This is a tax filing and payment issue at the state level - no license is issued locally for this purpose. Additionally, out-of-state contractors having $50,000 or more in gross receipts in any county or city are treated exactly the same as described above for in-state businesses - they must get a local license and also pay the tax.
However, entities subject to the business tax that do not have an established physical location or other place of business in the State of Tennessee and entities subject to the business tax in Classification 5 (industrial loan and thrift companies) are not required to obtain a business license from a county or municipality in the state. 

Transient Vendors Business License

Finally, transient vendors from out-of-state that operate temporarily in any city or county and sell to the public must obtain a $50 transient vendor permit from the local county or city. The permit allows a 15-day window to operate from that temporary location. More information is available on the state's website at State of Tennessee Business Tax Website or at the Blount County Clerk's website.

Business License Renewal

Upon filing the appropriate business tax returns with the Department of Revenue and paying the tax due, license renewals may be obtained through your local county clerk or municipal business tax official, as appropriate.  The license may also be printed from your TNTAP account at