Soil Conservation District

OUR VISION: For Blount County to be a productive agricultural and growing urban community in harmony with a quality environment. The Blount County Soil Conservation District's vision has evolved from over sixty years of experience in working with land users in protecting and conserving the soil and water resources of Blount County. Our guiding philosophy is simple: to protect, conserve, and provide for the wise use of soil and water resources to serve the needs of today as well as those of tomorrow. 

OUR MISSION: To provide leadership, technical assistance, and administer programming that helps people conserve, improve, and sustain our natural resources and environment. The strategies we use to carry out this mission are as follows: 

  • Provide technical assistance to help land users plan for increased productivity and natural resource conservation 
  • Improve water quality and promote its efficient use and management
  • Promote conservation education in the community
  • Anticipate key natural resource issues and work with the community to address them 
OUR GOAL: To sustain and improve the natural resources within Blount County
  1. Soil Conservation

    Physical Address
    1217 McArthur Rd.
    Maryville, TN 37804


  2. Erich Henry

    Director of Conservation

  3. Julie Konkel, Ph.D

    Watershed Coordinator

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