Telephone Calls

For inmate telephone issues or to add money to an account go to:

You may use telephones provided in each day room area from after morning head count until 2100. All calls are collect only. You may dial either local or long distance numbers, but must understand that the call will be collect, and the party you are calling must accept the charges before the call can be completed. In the event the party you are calling will not accept the calls, the only recourse you have is to write the party explaining telephone procedures.


Telephones provided are programmed so that collect calls billed to a phone number cannot exceed $250. Once that limit is reached, the telephone system will not connect to that number.


All calls are subject to monitoring, and a record will be made of each telephone call you make from any telephone located in the facility. Your use of any phone constitutes your consent that telephone numbers and/or conversations may be provided to, used, and retained by the Sheriff's Office, and constitutes a waiver and release of any cause of action against the telephone service provider or employees of the Sheriff's Office resulting from the recording, provision, or retention of the numbers called or the conversations conducted.

You will not be allowed to receive any incoming personal calls. In the event of a personal or family emergency, a message will be taken by staff and given to you after the emergency has been confirmed.

Attorney Calls

If you call your attorney, and the attorney does not accept the call, your only alternative is to write a letter. Corrections Officers will not call attorneys for you, and you will not be allowed to use any official Sheriff's Office telephone in the facility without authorization from the Shift Supervisor.

Inmate Telephone Questions?

Having trouble getting connected with a friend or family member in our facility? Have a question about our inmate telephone system? Please direct all questions and concerns to: City Tele-Coin Customer Service - 800-682-0707.