Are there liens or judgements on my property?

We are a recording office, we DO NOT do title searches. We have computers available to the public to do searches in office at 349 Court Street Maryville TN 37804, or you may contact a title agency to search for you.

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1. I paid my property off, when will I get my deed?
2. I need to add/remove a name on my deed, what is the process?
3. Are there liens or judgements on my property?
4. Do you have a list of foreclosures?
5. How do I know if my property has restrictions?
6. The information listed on CRS (Courthouse Retrieval) is wrong, how can I get that corrected?
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8. Are your documents online?
9. Could I get a copy of a document?
10. Can the Register of Deeds speak to my civic group or church organization?