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1. How can I dispose of medications?
2. How do I apply for employment with the Sheriff's Office?
3. Will I hear from BCSO after I apply online?
4. If I meet the minimum qualifications, what happens next?
5. If I'm invited to take the exam, what happens next?
6. How long does the exam, screening and selection process take?
7. When are the exams scheduled?
8. Are there any events that could disqualify me?
9. Can I just call to schedule a time to take the exam and bring the forms and documents?
10. Who can I call to check on the status of my application?
11. Are your hiring policies and practices fair?
12. If I'm hired by BCSO, what employee benefits will I receive?
13. I'm POST certified in Tennessee or another state. Will I have to take the exam and complete the other requirements?
14. I'm POST certified in another state. Will I have to complete the Tennessee POST Academy?