• Two nurses stand with six veterans outside of bus in parking lot, smiling at camera
  • Three men stand together smiling, one holds dog on leash
  • Two men side hug a smiling woman in white
  • Man signs copy of The Longest Rescue book, sitting at table
  • Man stands with cup in hand, wearing blue uniform with lapel
  • Two men stand together outside, smiling for the camera
  • Large crowd sits at banquet hall eatign and some in line at the buffet
  • Man wearing Native American beads plays a large drum with others in circle
  • Participants stack their plates with beans, biscuitsm and other food from buffet table
  • Veterans line entrance with American flags, saluting
  • Three men stand around large grill with burgers and hotdogs cooking
  • Welcome home sign mounted above a bar with red cups and red cooler
  • Six men stand together outside, facing and smiling at camera
  • Two veterans smile at camera, with arms in a side hug
  • Three men stand together smiling at camera
  • Hands hold and show portrait of soldier etched into dog tags
  • Up close image of pins, one saying Gold Star Mother Iren Franklin, the other with a picture and the text Sgt. John A Franklin
  • Two women in white sit together and smile for the camera

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