• Man stands at wooden podium in courtroom, wearing suit and glasses
  • Man in black suit presents certificate to man in blue suit, both are standing at wooden podium at front of courtroom
  • Man in black suit and poppy pin with veteran's cap read fro mspeech at wooden podium in courtroom
  • Seven cadets in dress uniform hold firearms in front of their bodies, standing on lawn
  • Man in white veteran's hate stands speaking at wooden podium, with potriotic wreath at his side
  • Three cadets in blue dress uniforms raise American flag on pole
  • Seven cadets aim firearms, standign in line in blue dress uniforms
  • Cadet plays trumpet while crowd on and around Court house salute or have hands over hearts
  • Two men wearing Purple Heart hats stand beside in each other outside in fron to f memorial
  • Veteran in khaki sits in wheelchair, holding wooden cane
  • Man and woman, both wearing poppy pins and veteran caps stand beside each other in fron of Blount County War Dead memorial and flags
  • Three men stand beside each other with arms around one anoher smiling at camera, all three wear black veteran hats
  • Three women stand in front of War Dead Memorial, smiling for camera, with small boy leaning against one woman
  • Side view of Blount County War Dead Memorial with flags at perimeter
  • Two veterans, one in dress uniform and one in Army PT jacket stand together inside court house internal room
  • Man in bliker outfit, vest and chaps and hat, smiles for camera, patches say he is a Vietnam veteran
  • Man smiles for camera, with black and white photograph in plastic baggy around neck
  • Man looks at boards full of military patches on display in hallway
  • Man and woman both in light khkaki jackets smile for camera while sitting in rowed chairs
  • Man with USS Bon Homme Richard hat and oxygen tank ad glasses smiles for camera, standing inside Court house hallway
  • Two veterans one with Korean Veteran hat and one with Disabled Veteran hat, both with poppy pins stand beside each other looking into camera
  • Five people stand in front of Blount County War Dead Memorial, one holds oversized chesk
  • Man in walker chair sits looking at black labrador service dog
  • Up close of audience of participants, all with poppy pins, sitting in court house room
  • Three of the Veteran speakers at the program sit beside each other on a bench on court house room
  • Man wearing patriotic shirt and Iwo Jima Survivor hat smiles for camera, sitting in Court house room
  • 13
  • Woman in black leather vest stands and speaks at wooden podium in court room
  • Image of whole audience sitting in court room
  • Members of audience stand and salute something not pictured
  • Man at wooden podium speaks, patriotic wreath is beside him

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