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1. Can our employees get their eye examinations at one location and go somewhere else for their frames or contacts?
2. What is the best way for my employees to know which services are offered by the different providers?
3. If one of my employees has a problem or needs assistance in resolving an issue with an "in-network" provider, who should he/she call?
4. Can employees use the discount feature to purchase non-prescription sunglasses?
5. Can employees who wear both contact lenses and glasses use their benefits for both of them within the same benefit period?
6. If an employee selects a frame that is more expensive than the frame allowance that is included in their plan, what does he/she need to do?
7. How do employees determine what kinds of frames they can select as part of their vision benefit?
8. Do an employee's dependents need to have their own ID cards to receive benefits?
9. Do employees need to show their ID card to the provider to receive services?