Inclement Weather Information

Liquid Calcium Filling Station
As Blount County citizen's ourselves, the staff of the Blount County Highway Department realizes our citizens have important places to be and rely on our road system to get them there. This need is immensely intensified during inclement weather. Your safety is our utmost concern. We have 17 new Kenworth dump trucks fully equipped with the latest in snow removal equipment along with a new liquid calcium filling station to better serve our county.

Individual Help

Please help us to help you during the winter weather and do not park your vehicles on the road as it keeps us from being able to plow the snow and could cause damage to your vehicle. See the Winter Preparedness Tips (PDF) for more winter weather information.

Road Clearing

We work extremely hard to make sure the roads are cleared and safe for you and your family as quickly as possible. It takes significant time to cover the 833 miles of various terrain roads in Blount County. We ask for your patience while we execute our adverse weather route process to clear snow and debris from county roads as fast as possible. Our process is as follows:
  1. Primary County Roads
  2. Secondary County Roads
  3. Subdivisions