Southern Appalachian Series

After a 4 year hiatus, we are bringing back this beloved program series about the wonderful area and culture we find ourselves immersed in. The Southern Appalachian Series aims to educate through all things Appalachian–history, sociology, economics, migration, culture, & more. 

These events are free and open to the general public with no registration required.

Upcoming Programs & Topics

Check out our list of Southern Appalachian Series programs that we have planned for 2024.

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Early Peoples to Civil War: The People of Southern Appalachia

February 5th | 6:00 PM | Main Gallery

Dr. Aaron Astor of Maryville College will begin our lecture series by giving an overview of the fascinating history of the people who lived in our mountains. He'll talk about the landscape and its geography, the different types of migration, melding of cultures, shifting boundaries, and the internal civil war that took place within our mountains.

Food Traditions of Southern Appalachia

May 6th | 6:00 PM | Main Gallery

Tennessee Farm Table podcast host Amy Campbell will discuss different Appalachian crop types and regional food traditions.

Interactive Music Traditions with Appalachian Anna

August 5th | 6:00 PM | Main Gallery

Our own Anna Uptain, also known as Appalachian Anna, will teach us about the different music traditions of the region in an interactive lecture. 

Industrial Logging to Alcoa to the National Park: A Socio-Ecological History of Southern Appalachia

November 4th | 6:00 PM | Main Gallery

Dr. Andrew Gunnoe of Maryville College will explain the early modernization of the southern mountains, from industrial logging to the creation of Alcoa and beyond. 

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