Definitions of Services

Common Terminology

  • Certificate of Verification - This Certificate issued in a situation where the septic system is already existing and a new home is being connected into the established system.  The local Electrical Authority may request this certificate in order to establish or re-establish power at a particular location.
  • Complaints - Site visits to reported areas where a septic system may be failing, illegal disbursement of sewage, or sewage outcropping on ground surface.  Complaints often lead to repairs and/or notice of violations, which prompt the owner(s) to correct the problem(s) within thirty (30) days.
  • Final Layouts - The final inspection of all septic systems (this includes all new systems, repairs to existing systems, and modifications to existing systems).
  • Inspection Letters  - A letter which is usually requested by realtors, mortgage lenders, home buyers, etc.  This letter provides information as to the current operation of the septic system at a particular address.
  • Repair Request - Request to have repairs made to existing septic systems.  The Environmentalist will make a site visit to determine the problem and draw a septic layout for repair.
  • Septic Permits (Layouts) - Requests for a new installation of a subsurface sewage disposal system, usually in regards to new construction.
  • Site Evaluations - Requests for an Environmentalist to evaluate (site visit) a property based on particular requests (regarding: dwelling type and size, location of structure, swimming pool installation, addition of structures, etc.) from and individual to determine if appropriate area is available for the septic system.
  • Subdivision Evaluations - Evaluation(s) of property being subdivided into lots or relocation of existing lot lines. Water Samples - A water analysis taken from the water source and tested for presence of bacteria only.