Mission Statement and Objectives

Mission Statement

The Community Justice Initiative strives to ensure public safety by effectively addressing criminal behavior
​and its many underlying causes for the benefit of the citizens of Blount County

Objectives: “Targeting Appropriate Interventions”

• Enhance the quality of life of all Blount County citizens.

• Help ensure the safety of the public, staff, inmates, and program participants.

• Minimize victimization and help repair harm caused by crime.

• Achieve cost efficiencies and effectiveness throughout the system.

• Provide appropriate facilities and programs based on individual needs and risks.

• Decrease the rate at which people return to jail for committing new crimes.

• Provide programs that address factors that contribute to criminality, including substance abuse, addictions, and mental illness.

• Use innovative and evidence-based programs and design principles.

• Make time in the justice system effective by fostering accountability and encouraging positive life changes.

• Maximize staff effectiveness and job satisfaction.

• Accommodate growth and change in populations, programs and operations over time.