Cable Television Authority

Interlocal Agreement dated February 13, 1980, and amended in October 2004.  The authority is comprised of nine members, three of whom are appointed by the Blount County Legislative Body, three by the City Council of Maryville and three by the City Commission of Alcoa.  Members serve 3-year term. 

The authority regulates the operation of cable television service in Blount County, Tennessee.

Regular meetings are held monthly on the second Monday at 5:00 p.m. in room 315 of the Blount County Courthouse.

Contact:  Rob Goddard, Chair

  Member Term
City of Alcoa Appointments-    
  Vaughn Belcher  
  William Cochran  
  Donald Larson  
Blount County Appointments-    
  Gary Farmer Appt. 3/19/2015, reappt.3/18/21-24
  Tom Stinnett Appt. 6/20/2019-22
  Ron French Appt. 9/21/2017, reappt.3/18/21-24
City of Maryville Appointments-    
  Tom Taylor  
  Jane Groff  
  Steve Greene