Order of Protection

  • Must qualify to file (clerk will ask questions to determine if you qualify)
  • Petitioner must come in person to file
  • Must provide name and address of person you are filing against
  • May only include minor child(ren) if you have custody and provide proof of same
  • ALL Orders of Protection are No Contact when filed and may be modified, at the Judge's discretion, during court
  • Filing fee is not required at time of filing; Judge will tax costs at conclusion of case
  • Judge cannot appointment attorneys to represent Petitioners 
  • Ex-parte does not give temporary possession of property, unless its a violation.

Orders of Protection ** CANNOT**

  • Grant emergency custody of child(ren)
  • Be dismissed/canceled before the Respondent is served
  • Be dismissed/canceled without going to court
  • Be changed without going back to court

Violation of Orders of Protection

  • If a Respondent has contact with a Petitioner after he/she has been served with an Order of Protection (before or after court), he/she can go to jail for up to 10 days for each time he/she has contact.
  • Violations may be filed by law enforcement or Petitioners, depending on the circumstances
  • Additional fees will be taxed by the Judge for each violation

Requests to Cancel Orders of Protection

  • Must be filed in person
  • Both parties must go back to court before the Request will be considered
  • Does NOT cancel the Order of Protection until you go to court and the Judge grants the request